Top 10 planners you can get below Php 1,000

Had an almost empty planner last year? You’re definitely not alone. While it’s not yet perfectly safe to go out and plan trips and such, you might think it’s not worth to buy a new planner anymore. But isn’t it that planning your day or week allows you to prioritize, execute and analyze your tasks well? It can also actually make you feel extra productive once you cross out a task you just accomplished. We know there’s still a lot on you plate! How about giving it another shot this year?

Well, if you are looking for planners that fits your budget and style, here are some suggestions you might want to consider:

1. MUJI Monthly Weekly Planner

This planner is perfect if you are looking for a minimalist one. It is dated and has grid lines for notes. According to MUJI, it comes in different sizes and colors that you can choose from.

Price: Php 495

photos from MUJI Philippines Facebook

2. Design Your Life 2021 Planner

If you want to be completely productive and stylish, this colorful planner almost have it all! It has pocket and stickers, tabs for all important pages, monthly overview, expense tracker, cash flow, monthly reflection, health check-ins, goals, to-do list, events list, travel planner, and different monthly designs.

Price: Php 695

photos from CNS Designs website

3. Doodle Planner

If you are looking for doodle notebook and planner at the same time, this undated hardbound planner is just for you. You can choose from black or white cover and doodle all the way.

Price: It’s on sale! Get it for only Php 395

photos from filed website

4. Keepsake Planner

You must add this to cart and place order immediately! This planner is ring-binded, undated, with interior pockets and a pen loop, spacious layout, expense tracker, checklists, and progress tracker. Wait there’s more! It comes with alphabet stickers, two-way bookmark, and pocket divider. Its exterior design? Chic!

Price: Php 695 but it’s on sale! Get it now for only Php 355

photos from filed website

5. Back to Basic Planner

Being basic doesn’t have to be boring. This undated planner is said to be based on the design principles of form, fun and function. It has a clean and simple layout that will help you manage things clearly. It has tabs, lifestyle tools, organization tools, finance tools, and even social or relationship tools!

Price: Php 695

photos from CNS Designs website

6. The Paper Stories 2021 Planner

This handmade planner is the “OMG – I want one!” for ladies. This has monthly and weekly spread, sleeves to hold your receipts and notes, blank pages, and in metal binder clip. You also don’t have to worry when it comes to its durability because its cover is made of Faux Leather in Tan Brown.

Price: Php 985

7. Everyday Classic Planner

This simple, classic and straightforward planner is for anyone. Its cover is made of leather, with 235 pages inside that contains goals, note to self, footprint (where you keep track of your achievements), and monthly budget. It has two bookmarks and one band included plus it is undated. Perfect for those who are just about to start filling up their schedules on their planners. And, oh! It’s available in different colors like bare, rouge, mustard, teal, periwinkle, and more.

Price: Php 750

8. Young Adult Planner

Perfect for who? Yes, young adult.  If you are a fan of black and white, this planner will surely catch your attention, plus it won’t hurt your pockets. It is dated, has expense tracker, check-ins, 2021 ipon goals and even daily ipon tracker – again, perfect for who?

Price: Php 300

photos from Young Adult Planner Facebook

9. Limitless Planner

If you are looking for a softbound planner, this vegan leather covered planner is just right for you. It has 2 elastic closures that will keep everything in place. It also comes together with different-colored ribbon bookmarks and expandable pocket. Also, if you are looking for a vertical hourly layout with time slots, this one is what you need.

Price: Php 720

photos from CNS Designs website

10. Letterpress Planner

This planner from printcafe captured our eyes with its clean minimalistic layout. It is undated, so no pressure, guys!  It has weekly view and months spread inside. It’s available in colors Taupe, Black, Sand, and White.

Price: Php 220



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