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CyberSmart joins resilience tools on iADAPT platform, boosting cyber defenses

Powered by the Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation (PDRF) – iADAPT is the go-to site for information on disaster resilience in the face of the public health crisis. The e-learning solutions hub equips Filipinos with the right tools, skills, and resources needed to face disasters.   

PLDT and Smart’s CyberSmart has been gaining momentum since it rolled out its maiden virtual run in September 2020, bagging Platinum honors at the 56th Anvil Awards, long considered the “Oscars” of public relations in the Philippines. The citation is given to the most outstanding public relations tool that stands out among all Gold Award winning PR tools. The program is a collaboration between business units across the country’s largest integrated telco PLDT and its wireless subsidiary, Smart, and is supported by the Department of Education, the National Privacy Commission, and UNICEF.    

“The program’s inclusion in iADAPT further fortifies CyberSmart as an important tool in safeguarding the digital presence of Filipinos in the new normal. With more users logged on into the internet for work or for school, it’s important that we are armed with the knowledge on how to thwart online attacks,” said Darwin Flores, Smart VP for Community Partnerships.  

Smart is also uploading other programs on disaster preparedness, education, and food security on the platform. 

The interactive courses on the iADAPT platform are developed by industry leaders on risk reduction and management, business continuity, and climate change adaptation. The platform is packed with information presented in various formats such as videos, webinars, interactive modules, and microsites.  

When the government imposed lockdowns on mass gatherings because of COVID-19, PLDT and Smart migrated the cybersecurity caravan to cyberspace to continue educating students and teachers on how to protect their digital presence even during the coronavirus pandemic.   

More than 28,000 members of the academe from around 1,300 schools across the country logged on into the virtual hall for the whole month of September, which is the National Cyber Security and Awareness month. There were interactive booths where participants played games while learning how to identify online threats.   

The highlight of the program was the Ted-style talks that happened inside a virtual auditorium. The speakers shared tips and best practices on data privacy and security, internet safety, responsible social media use, spotting and combatting fake news, and computer and mobile protection especially for online teaching and learning.  

During the program’s 2020 run, National Privacy Commission Commissioner and Chairman Raymund Liboro appealed to the public to adopt practices that will protect them against cyber attacks.  

“Digital offers a lot of convenience but also has its risks and potential harms. With this in mind, we should adopt and practice privacy protection and inculcate this as our personal values. Times are changing. And we, as a nation, should be well equipped to tackle digital challenges that we currently face as we intensify the use of personal data,” he said. 

PLDT and Smart also adapted CyberSmart for their employees and transformed it into a learning series as part of their “Cyber Security Awareness Campaign: Empowering employees through online safety”. The internal digital safety program also took home a Silver Anvil.   PLDT and Smart swept this year’s Anvils bagging 19 citations including the coveted Company of the Year award.


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