Random Finds: Paper Soap

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I just want to share random finds that you’d might like to try out as well 😉

Even before the pandemic outbreak, I already got the habit of sanitizing my hands every once in a while especially when handling bills and coins.

Now that alcohol and sanitizers are definitely a must in and out of the house, I know how it can be frustrating to run out or forget to bring a bottle of rubbing alcohol when going outside. This is where paper soap can be handy.

It sounds surreal but it’s true. Paper soap exists, and I was able to spot a good steal of paper soaps when I visited a Penshoppe branch in a nearby mall. It was originally priced at P99 each, but I bought it from a Buy 1, Take 1 sale. The size is almost similar to a dental floss so it can easily fit in your pouch or bag pockets.

This how the product looks like. It matched my nail color too!

How to use it?

Alcohol or sanitizers are only a spritz away, but keeping a paper soap in your bag at all times can save you when you accidentally run out of alcohol. Needless to say, paper soap can also give your hands a thorough-cleansing. It’s great when you dine out and needs a good ol’ handwashing to remove the smell of food from your hands.

This item is pretty straightforward—here’s how to use it:

  1. Get a single film or sheet of paper soap.
  2. Put it in the palm of your hand. Add water.
  3. Lather it up and watch as the paper dissolve and turn into a foamy texture.
  4. Wash your hands for 20 seconds!
  5. Rinse then use a dryer or a clean paper towel.
Just a quick video demo on how to use it.
Production quality: In progress.

My Experience

The item itself is interesting; it’s my first time seeing a paper soap in the market. The packaging is simple but sturdy while the sheets itself are a bit damp (not sure what I was expecting but I was fascinated upon seeing it). The sheet dissolves easily and has a filmy texture. It will look like a small chunk of soaked tissue when you lather it up, but no worries as it can be easily dissolved.

For the scent, I’m not actually a fan because it reminds me of a certain brand or variant of men’s deodorant. Though overall, it gives you a clean feeling afterwards.


It’s pretty easy to use and carry around. So if you want to be extra careful, I really recommend you keep a paper soap in your bag. If you find this cool, it’s also fun and practical to give as a gift to your friends. There’s a pink variation of this one with a different scent as well. Overall, this product is worth buying because apart from an essential hygiene item, you can also use it for long travels or light packing. If you don’t want to bring a bar of soap or a bottle of liquid soap, this can be a good space-saver option.

Let us know if paper soap is a Yay or Nay for you!

Stay safe, stay clean, and most importantly, stay at home.


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