Disclaimer: This is my very first unboxing video, so I’m quite unsure if I did it right or decently. Nevertheless, feel free to comment on how can I improve this further. Thank you!

As a Czennie (called to fans of NCT), I am so hyped up with the release of the much-awaited first-full-length album of NCT Dream. Hot Sauce is finally here and I did not miss my chance to get a hold of the latest album.

For those who do not know NCT Dream, it is a 7-piece boy group and is one of the many sub-units of NCT or Neo Culture Technology debuted by SM Entertainment in 2016. The members are Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. They first released a bubblegum pop single Chewing Gum featuring an impressive choreography using hoverboards.

NCT Dream, which is focused on a younger demographic and songs on youthful dreams and aspirations, first had a graduation system wherein a member has to graduate once he hits 20 years of age. In this regard, Mark is the first and only member of NCT Dream to officially graduate from the unit. The remaining members then had to promote in 6 or sometimes 5 (as Haechan also actively promotes with NCT 127) for the We Boom and Reload promotions. Hence, Hot Sauce is a special release as it marks the return of the original 7DREAM lineup under the revised NCT Dream system.

Without further ado, here’s my unboxing of the Hot Sauce photobook version. I got the Boring version under fast ETA from Charlie Chartreuse. I had a pleasant and flawless experience with this seller, so hit the link if you’re interested to order!

It is indeed fast and I got cool freebies, too. Special thanks to the seller for the thoughtful freebies—my bias is Na Jaemin so I was touched that most of my freebies are his photos. All in all, I got a free Hot Sauce-inspired notepad, stickers, and unofficial polaroids/photo cards.

Album freebies!

Personal thoughts

I did not watch any of the unboxing videos out there so there will still be an element of surprise once I get my album. If you watch the video above, you will see that I struggle with where and how to open the whole item (I lagged for a few good minutes figuring out the outer packaging).

I personally like the concept and the layout of the photobook. I don’t know what to call it but it is a mishmash of a food nutritional label, desert-like vibes, explosive colors, and icon collage, and then there’s NCT Dream in their very chill and laidback photos for the Boring version. I think the Crazy version fits the overall concept perfectly, though. Also, I just have to mention something practical: the paper quality is quite good as well hahaha

My Pulls

There’s an inside thingy in K-Pop wherein you kind of knock, pray, or bless over your albums before opening it. This pre-unboxing ritual is believed to bring good luck and great pulls to the owner. Mine got this prayer circle taped to the bubble wrap—and guess what…

I got Jeno Cafe DREAM and Chenle beret! I also got Haechan as my individual poster. Though I am Jaemin-biased, I am super duper satisfied and in love with my pulls. I love each and every one of them. Also, Chenle beret is one of my targets when I saw the PCs, so the prayer circle truly worked!

A snippet of my pulls


K-Pop and merch are definitely my stress-reliever in time where I am nothing but stuck at home, doing mundane stuff such as my day job, playing Candy Crush, and trying to get by in this lockdown situation. Hot Sauce, I must say, fits well with the scorching heat we are experiencing now in the Philippines, the only difference is that Hot Sauce is my kind of heat—one that I can’t get enough of.

What do you think about Hot Sauce? Listen to the full album on Spotify or watch the MV on YouTube.



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