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A quick guide to apps every K-Pop fan needs to vote on music shows

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Welcome to the wonderful world of K-Pop!

Aside from the fancy outfits, stellar choreography, and catchy singles, it is a norm in K-Pop promotions to appear on music shows. This activity is one of the avenues for artists to create exposure, perform for fans, and reach the public aside from concerts and events.

These shows also rank which is the “hottest” song of the week based on various scoring systems or criteria. Each week, there will be only one artist or group who can win a much-coveted trophy. Most of the fandoms also target to hit triple crowns or more, showing how fans are devoted to their faves (personal note: and how the field can be quite competitive).

If you are new to K-Pop music voting, an international fan, or are already a fan but just got interested in the whole voting process, here are some of the apps you can download to get your votes counted.


Use it to vote on: The Show and Inkigayo (SBS)
Pre-voting and live voting is available for The Show (airs every Tuesday)
Live voting is available for Inkigayo (airs every Sunday)

Other voting categories/options:

  • Monthly Individual Ranking – Vote for your idol or make donations under their name
  • Battle Ranking – Make donations under their name for anniversaries or birthday celebrations
  • Various Ranking – topics vary monthly


Use it to vote on: Show Champion (MBC)
Pre-voting is available (airs every Wednesday)

Other voting categories/options:

  • IDOLCHAMP CHART – Donate “chamsim” or hearts to your bias group. When your group wins the Monthly Chart, they will be rewarded with a promotion video to be aired on MBC channels
  • Special ads – fans can cast their vote on special ads projects (subway ad, bus stop ads, etc) to promote new album releases. K-Pop artist’s birthday, or artist debut anniversary
  • PR Voting – this voting category allows the winner idol in the poll to be featured in an online news article


Use it to vote on: M Countdown
Pre-voting is available (airs every Thursday)

Other voting categories/options:

  • Vote & Rank K-POP voting – topic varies
  • Official voting for Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)


Use it to vote on: Show! Music Core
Pre-voting is available (airs every Saturday)

Other voting categories/options:

  • Mubeat voting categories – varies monthly, one of the rewards is a spot ad on The Show TV
  • Fandom ads – fandom support projects for artist anniversaries, can be subway ads, video ads, etc.

To know more about the shows’ criteria, this article from Soompi has a detailed breakdown from broadcast scores to SNS.

It’s never too late to join in the fun! Download these apps to vote for your faves and see them get wins and encores on music shows 😉

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash


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