Annyeong! I am back with an unboxing video—this time, it’s for Hot Sauce Jewel version!

ICYMI: Here’s my unboxing of the Photobook version

I bought this from an account selling on-hand jewel case albums. The albums were opened prior to delivery just to check the inclusions and for photo reference. Anyway, my bias is Na Jaemin and it’s quite difficult to secure or even reserve a slot for any Jaem-merch so I hurriedly took my chance when I saw the seller had one available.

Also, this does not come with any freebies, but that’s alright with me. It’s on-hand and bought under fast ETA so I already consider myself lucky with this purchase.

The unboxing video

I’m still a newbie in unboxing so you will see my flimsy handwork in the video. I must say, I was very cautious about not breaking the casing since it is fragile. For a moment, I also hesitated if I am yanking out the contents properly and tried my best not to break or tear anything.

See my pulls

Since I bought it already knowing what’s inside, much of my surprise and excitement is on the realization that the album is finally and literally within my reach hahaha

Jisung is my favorite next to Jaemin, so I’m happy I got his PC ❤️ Uri Jisungie, mwoya mwoya~

Nana and Jisungie

On the packaging

I think the outer foil packaging is unique. It feels like you are buying a pack of chips, but a more expensive one. It’s opening flap has a strong adhesive as well so you’d know if the package has been opened or not.

The downside to this is…I don’t think it’s enough if what’s inside is a very fragile material. Aesthetic-wise, it’s cute…but it kind of lacks on functionality. If not handled properly, the case inside might get scratches or even cracks.

Not sure if it is noticeable in the video but there’s a faint scratch on my jewel case. I inspected the flaw closely but all surfaces of the area were smooth. Not sure if this is a factory defect but there are angles wherein it is obvious. I also notified the seller about it but I did not ask for replacement or refund—I am good with it as long as everything is working, complete, and intact. 🙂

First-time to…

The purchase comes with a card with instructions on how to authenticate the album and make it counted in the Hanteo charts—which is my first time ever so I was hella confused and excited during the whole authentication process.

Another first for me is trying the SM AR app. The jewel case album comes with a PC with special AR clip and it was totally cool when I scanned my PC and then suddenly, a video of moving Jaemin popped out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed making this content. We have more albums incoming so stay tuned 😉



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