I’m excited to share with you that I finally have a copy of We Boom by NCT DREAM, an album I kept thinking about for months πŸ˜‚

Since this was released last July 2019, it was quite difficult to look for stocks online. If there were any, it’s either expensive or the unsealed copies. The price of sealed albums can range from P900 to P1,200 for a copy sans shipping fee.

Salamat Shopee

I’m glad a K-Pop shop in Shopee joined the 6.6 sale because I was able to buy my copy (the We version) for only P800 including shipping. Here’s what happened: The item is discounted to around P990; to make the price lower, I used my Shopee coins and used free shipping and cashback vouchers. Now, the album is finally up for grabs AND within my budget.

DREAM In Suits

Anyway, the reason why I love We Boom is because it’s my fave Na Jaemin era—everything about him during this promotion is glorious, from his hair to his rapping parts in 119 😭. Also, there are 2 versions of the album (We and Boom) but I chose the We version for the exquisite and classy Nana photos.

They all look amazing in suits and there’s a lot of elegant elements even in the Boom Music video (see MV below). Moreover, this is very special for me because NCT DREAM won a Bonsang in the 34th Golden Disc Awards for WE BOOM and it is their first release to receive a Platinum certificate by KOMCA. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms of discography, but I love each songs in this mini album.

Here’s the video of me unboxing the package. I checked it out June 6 and received it right away last June 11. FAST ETA + MEGA DISCOUNTS = BEST DEAL!

The pulls

I got Renjun beret ❀️

I also got Jeno scratch card and Jisung circle card. If you’ve seen my previous Hot Sauce Photobook and Jewel case unboxing videos, you will see that Jeno and Jisung has been my constant pulls recently. The album also comes with a leaflet to certify your purchase in the Hanteo charts using the Whosfan app.

That’s all for this unboxing story. If you’re interested, you can check out We Boom on Spotify or watch the MV on YouTube.


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