Conversations on streaming platforms, local TV, movies, and music all rose in 2021 – Twitter

Whatever form of entertainment it is, people across Southeast Asia made sure to share every bit of their favorites on Twitter.

The entertainment audience is highly active on Twitter as audiences gather on the platform to share their thoughts on the things they enjoy as well as to find recommendations on what’s hot among the community. Moreover, interest in streaming platforms content grew steadily with 25.5M Tweets[1] around shows and movies on streaming services from SEA in 2021.

Entertainment in the Philippines saw a boost in streaming content, music, films, and TV show conversations, while the most talked-about streaming services were Netflix (@Netflix_PH), iFlix (@iflixph), iQIYI (@iQIYIph), Viu (@Viu_PH), and WeTV (@WeTVPhilippines).

Here’s a rundown of what kept Filipinos entertained in 2021.

Over-the-top content is “on demand”

The conversation around streaming platforms in the Philippines has grown steadily across 2021, with 4.4 million Tweets about streaming platforms’ content from January to October 2021[2]. Viewers were spoilt for choice with streaming services providing every genre of entertainment possible on-demand, and took to Twitter to share when new seasons dropped. K-drama and superheroes movies, which have expanded their audience through streaming services, are now appealing to global viewers of all genres. From #HometownChaChaCha to the rave of #WandaVision, Filipinos Tweeted blow-by-blow reactions as well as their own reviews for certain episodes, contributing to the hype around the entertainment conversation on Twitter.

Aside from international content, people are also interested in locally produced content that is available on key platforms. A notable feat for Filipino pop culture in 2021 is the release of the animated adaptation of #TreseOnNetflix, which Filipinos and international audiences highly anticipated in that year.

(Love) Local TV

The rise of streaming platforms does not waver the continuous growth of conversations around local TV in the Philippines. There were over 27.4 million Tweets about local TV from January to October 2021[3]. In particular, people are taken by local series and the relationships between characters, such as Tweeting about their favorite highlights of #HesIntoHer or #TheWorldBetweenUs.

Cinema feels at home

Even if the cinemas are still closed, the conversation around cinema and movies is going steady in the Philippines. Over 3 million Tweets about cinema were tallied from January to October 2021[4], most of which are Tweets on the strong celebration and preference for locally produced movies such as #PrincessDayaReese and #HelloStrangerTheMovie, and the strong interest in the actors who are top-billed in these movies. International flicks also remain popular, proving that Filipinos are one of the first-movers when it comes to knowing the latest in global content, from seeing the much-awaited Justice League #SnyderCut to hyping up the buzz on #SpiderManNoWayHome.

Staying in tune

The biggest growth in Entertainment conversations goes to music, with a whopping 92.8 million Tweets from January to October 2021[5]. Twitter is the home ground of music fandoms, so it’s no surprise that the music conversation is holding steady. Notably, SB19 (@SB19Official) rules the scene and is by far the most talked about band in the country. Fans are also eager to get their favorite bands even more visibility on shows.

For 2022, expect to see more reviews, reactions, and buzz on Twitter โ€” where artists, fans, and even casual enjoyers gather to talk about all things entertainment.

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