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MSI kicks off MSI Creator Awards 2022

MSI announced the kick-off of the MSI Creator Awards 2022.

The MSI Creator Awards aims to recognize and encourage the most creative and outstanding creators around the world. In addition to three categories: Graphic Design, 3D Creation, and Film, there will be MSI Special Prize and People’s Choice, so that more creations have the opportunity to be favored.

With the theme “Create Your Utopia”, MSI continues to provide creators with a platform to create and show, and is committed to launching cutting-edge products with perfect craftsmanship to fuel more creative energy to creators.

MSI will choose one entry from all categories for MSI Special Prize that best presents MSI’s brand spirit. Winners will be prized with MSI’s latest Creator series laptop PCs, desktops, graphic cards, or monitors, totally valued at over $35,000.

For the new People’s Choice category, there will be online voting running from June 15 to June 30 for the most popular artwork. All netizens who participate in the voting will have the chance to win the MSI VIGOR GK30 COMBO Gaming keyboard and mouse set.

The MSI Creator Awards winners will be evaluated by a panel of recognized experts from various fields, who have worked at Disney, won the Emmy Award, participated in the production of Cars and Toy Story, Hollywood photographers, League of Legends, and other well-known game characters designer. The jury will also present online sessions during the submission period on MSI YouTube and Facebook to share professional skills and interesting thoughts.


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