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About Us

Communication is a two-way street.

It exists through sending and receiving a message. Without a feedback or reply, it’s not communication at all.

Reply is an act of responding, a form of validation that a message is received or understood.

Reply is a way of growing the connection.

We decided to open Reply PH because we want people to communicate and speak their mind.

Through the latest news and our take on entertainment, lifestyle, tech, and everything under the sun, we envision to give people something to talk about, to keep conversation going, to create connections, and to make it grow through each other’s replies.

So the next time you want to strike or join a conversation, worry no more. Reply PH got your back so you can reply. 😉

Meet the team


The champ is here!

Champ is into fashion and beauty, but she in the lookout for chill hang out places, good coffee, and next food trends to try.


If you’re into all things trendy, Louisse is Reply’s resident source for knowing the best, newest, and coolest trends in Manila.

Recos? She got you.


Nana likes music and is a hardcore K-Pop fan since 2010. She currently listens to SHINee and NCT.

Outside K-Pop, she is probably reading random stuff or finding the best fried chicken there is.


Quake is the most creative member of the bunch. He basically built Reply from his laptop.

You can also find him playing DOTA or basking in the shores of LU in his spare time.