The Bellevue Resort Spearheads Trash Free Seas in Bohol

Two-time ASEAN Green Hotel awardee, The Bellevue Resort – Bohol, forefronts Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup in Bohol for the fourth year in a row. Despite the pandemic, the resort has not lost sight of its underlying commitment to protect the environment. This year, they expanded its participation province-wide with 2-day hybrid activities in partnership with the Department of Tourism and Provincial Government of Bohol through the Provincial Tourism Office.

The five-star resort kicked off the worldwide campaign by hosting a webinar entitled “Connect and Collect: Trash Free Seas Start at Home” with 128 virtual attendees with speakers – Miss Universe PH ‘20 – 3rd Runner Up and Ambassador for Tourism, Ms. Pauline Amelinckx, Bb. Pilipinas International 2021, Ms. Hannah Arnold, and Coastal Resource Division Head of Bohol Environment Management Office, Ms. Villa Pelindingue, who shared their insights and talked about interesting waste management methods and possible solutions starting at home.

On September 18, 2021, a total of 772 volunteers all over Bohol joined the socially distant cleanup drive with 22 LGUs in their respective communities with small-scale groups, including organizations and private sectors, who all formed special bubble groups to ensure everyone’s safety while following health protocols. Among the volunteers were 63 licensed divers for underwater cleanup at Doljo Seas, Panglao Island. 

Volunteers were able to remove a total of 2,159 kilos of non-biodegradable trash from coastline and underwater – successfully collected and segregated. While following strict safety protocols, this year’s ICC would have not been possible without the support of its dedicated volunteers and partners namely, the Department of Tourism, Provincial Government of Bohol led by Governor Art Yap, Municipality of Panglao, Globe Telecom, Club Aquasports, Clean Code, Sea & Land, Blue Freedom Apnea, Plastic Free Bohol, and Mister Bohol Organization.

Things may be different due to the ongoing pandemic, but now that we are getting accustomed to the new norm, we can still make an impact when we work together or even apart to clean up and protect our oceans.

Since its opening in 2013, the luxurious and eco-friendly resort has been consistently spearheading meaningful initiatives – leading responsible tourism in Bohol, in its efforts to highlight the importance of playing an active role in promoting sustainability and helping the community.

Havaianas paints the town with pride through the Rainbow Walkway

Inspired by the celebrated Pride March, the Rainbow Walkway aims to serve as a creative alley and safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. Havaianas Philippines hopes to keep the spirit of Pride alive through this small project.

Whether people strut down the PRIDE Catwalk like a queen or chill on the socially-distanced Rainbow Benches for a quick breather, everyone is welcome to stick around! There’s even a Charging Station, where people can charge their mobile phones or e-bikes, as well as a vibrant #AllLoveWelcome String Art.

Havaianas Philippines introduced its first-ever Pride Squad earlier this year with the hopes of creating a welcoming environment during the month-long Pride celebration. To further support the community, a percentage of every purchase from their Pride Collection is donated to All Out (a global LGBTQIA+ non-profit organization) and the Metro Manila Pride Organization (a local LGBTQIA+ non-profit organization), non-profit organizations that are focused on empowering the LGBTQIA+ community and defending their rights.

With these initiatives, Havaianas hopes to encourage everyone to feel free and proud all year round because Pride never stops–– and all love is welcome, in any form or color.

Twitter insights reveal what are the Filipino Millennials up to

Whatever generation someone belongs to, there will always be topics and interests that they can relate and connect to on Twitter. As the place for #WhatsHappening in the world, it is where Filipinos keep track of global and local events, news, or trends.

Aside from the tech-savvy Gen Z, Millennials also gather on Twitterverse. Around 35.2% of Filipinos on Twitter are Millennials[1] and 56% of which use the app at least once a day[2]. Millennials aren’t kids anymore. The youngest in the group is 25, while the oldest is 38[3]. In a phase wherein they are “in between” being young and mature, it’s interesting what are the activities and discussions that unfold among this generation.

Here are key insights to better understand who and what are the Filipino Millennials up to.

  1. Millenials love to stay connected

As going online is still our safest bet to connect and interact, Filipino Millennials are on Twitter fulfilling various pursuits such as keeping in touch with their friends (77%), doing some work-related networking or research (44%), and finding like-minded people (32%)[4].

Going on Twitter means having a discovery mindset on seeking new connections and information about the world around them. In fact, Twitter is their go-to place to read news and score updates. Millennials on Twitter keep track of news stories (56%), content such as memes (44%), events or trends as they happen (32%)[5].

2. Millennials are expressive on Twitter

Aligned with their knack for discovery is being open about their life on Twitter. Filipino Millennials on Twitter talk about their lives such as sharing stories about their pets, shows they recently streamed, or just random thoughts (49%). Meanwhile, they also make their voice count on Twitter by being expressive on their opinions and taking a stand about the things that matters to them (44%)[6].

Their voice matters and they know that by actively expressing themselves on Twitter. With this, it’s important to acknowledge their concerns and take on topics and issues.

“As we all navigate through the toughest periods of the pandemic and help our communities towards gradual recovery, paying close attention to the needs of our consumers allows us to stay true to our long-term commitment of supporting and delighting many of our kababayans. Twitter is a space brimming with ideas and opinions from many Filipinos; we always strive to leverage this platform to create meaningful conversations that usher everyday solutions and thoughtful innovations,” says Grab Philippines Country Marketing Head Justine Anne Aruta.

3. Millennials hope for the future

Majority of people in this generation are working (59.4%)[7], so topics such as money and finances are top of mind. While it’s never too late to set financial goals, Millennials feel the pang of social pressures to achieve financial milestones at their age. 74% of them are optimistic that their finances will get better in the 6 months, and they are taking action by exploring options to grow or secure both their wealth and future by investing in life insurance (+11% on purchase) and health insurance (39%)[8]

In the same vein, Millennials on Twitter are taking charge of their health be it physically or mentally. They have a broad definition of health and 45% of them are upfront and confident talking about their mental health[9].

4. Millennials are hyper-connected

Filipino Millennials on Twitter know what they want, from hobbies down to the media they want to consume. Their hyper-connectedness and love of consuming content give rise to new formats. In particular, 76% are into music streaming, 65% likes online streaming, another 65% prefers gaming consoles, while 45% are into podcasts[10].

Because of the #StayHome period, Millennials’ engagement with streaming services is at an all-time high.

“Filipinos have fully embraced streaming as their source of entertainment and we credit this growth to the people who are enjoying the content, sharing their experiences, and encouraging everyone to join in watching the latest series and new-found favorites on Twitter. As the brand, we see a Tweet as a powerful virtual word of mouth and complement this with various Twitter products for specific campaign goals,” said Vinchi Sy-Quia, Operations Director, VIU Philippines.

Embracing the Millennial audience

With their vigor to connect, express, and share, Filipino Millennials on Twitter have the power to reshape the consumer marketplace. They have a clear picture of what they want (and vice versa) and their consumer habits evolve as norms change. However, it does not mean that this generation is elusive, all that is needed is for brands to embrace Millennial’s uniqueness.

Here are some tips on how brands can resonate to the Millennial audience:

  • Technology changes how they shop – Millennials prefer to shop online, to research before buying a product and are driven by deals such as free delivery promos.
  • Go digital – Meet their strong demand for convenience by bringing the brand within their fingertips.
  • Be creative on content – Amplify your message by using rich media content. Play around with videos or make your campaigns more interactive and engaging.
  • Allow them to be expressive – Let your Millennial audience talk to you and try to genuinely address their concerns.
  • Be real – Millennials support causes with an authentic set of values and beliefs. Connect by supporting the causes and issues they are passionate about.

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RSG enters PH esports scene to delight local fans

RSG, the premier Singapore-based Southeast Asian professional esports organization, officially entered the Philippines esports scene, the latest of its overseas markets.

Recently, it was announced that the very first RSG PH professional esports team will make its debut in the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines Season 8.

The team also recruited Elyson Edouard “GHOST Wrecker” Caranza, one of the country’s most popular streamers along with the team captain, Kenneth Jiane “Kenji” Villa.

Meanwhile, Brian “Panda” Lim, who led the Philippines to a Gold Medal win at the 30th SEA Games, will guide the team as its coach. Esports veteran Richardson “RJ” Jacinto will serve as the RSG PH Country Manager.

The team line-up will also comprise of:
● Arvie “Aqua” Calderon
● Dexter “Exort” Martinez
● Earvin John “Heath” Esperanza
● Eman “Emann” Sangco
● Joshwell Christian “Iy4knu” Manaog
● Jonard Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto
● Nathanael “Nathzz” Estrologo

“With the second largest population in Southeast Asia, Philippines has a highly enthusiastic esports community that has grown rapidly in recent years. As the esports scene gathers momentum in the region, RSG is proud to be one of the first few regional esports organizations to expand our presence and support the development of the local esports industry,” said Founder and CEO of RSG, Jayf Soh.

“We hope to bring to the fans here our experience in developing esports champions, drive innovation in the way we create and engage fans, and last but not least, the trademark RSG spirit of relentlessly pursuing excellence. We will be working together with stakeholders and fans to educate the masses about esports, and contribute to a more robust ecosystem as we aspire to be the leading esports organization here,” he added.

RSG also unveiled to include developing professional esports teams and talent, which will support RSG’s strategy to grow the local esports talent pool and raise the bar in engaging the gaming community and improving fan experiences.

They also plan to expand and include other game titles across console, PC and mobile platforms, support local content creators and talent, and explore long-term collaborations to raise mass awareness and interest on esports.

Founded in 2017, RSG operates across Southeast Asia to engage the gaming audience through esports teams and content creators. The company’s premier esports teams specialise in leading game titles such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty and Warcraft, and have participated in over 200 tournaments collectively.

Building on its presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines, RSG will continue its growth strategy through regional expansion efforts into key Southeast Asian markets. The esports organisation also plans to compete in more games and reach 150 million gaming audience in Southeast Asia by the end of 2021.

Students express “Hallyu love” with fan art in Smart design contest

Young Filipinos across the country rode the Korean wave and showed their love for “hallyu” in the “K-reate for a Cause” sustainability design contest, organized by leading mobile provider Smart Communications. The campaign highlights the youth’s passion to create, and their drive to give back to their community. Students from 50 universities hopped on the K phenomenon and submitted fan art that express their passion and purpose.  

“The K-reate for a Cause design contest allows the youth to express their passion through visual art. The initiative also provides an opportunity to help causes that are close to their hearts. Just like their Korean idols, Smart encourages the youth to live life with purpose,” said Jane Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart.

The Korean wave or “hallyu” has gripped the Filipino Gen Z, creating a loyal fan base that follows their every move. The Filipino youth have embraced Korean idols and have supported not only their careers but their passions as well. 

Wynnona Ku didn’t expect to fall in love with Korean music. But after listening to a popular BTS beat, the Tourism major from Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) found herself expanding her playlist to include their songs. She says the diverse sounds she listens to help her in her other passion projects.  

“Music helps me to be productive. The different beats I listen to help me in generating new ideas or content. Music gives us different emotions. It can exude joy or sadness. Music enables us to express our feelings, in my case, through my visual arts,” said Ku.   

Just like how BTS’ tunes have inspired her entry called “Feel the Beat”, the youth leader also acknowledged that music has helped young Filipinos cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Ku recalled that even when the country was placed under varying degrees of restrictions, she saw her fellow Gen Z post dance videos, jam online, and create their own music to express their emotions. 

“The power of music is to inspire, influence, and give positive thoughts to everyone nowadays because of all the negativity and challenges that we are facing,” Ku added.  

Ku is among the 50 young artists whose designs have been chosen by Smart for production. Smart will print winning designs on Php 50,000 worth of merchandise. The winners can then sell these items to raise funds for their chosen beneficiaries. The designs can be printed on water tumblers, tote bags and T-shirts just to name a few. The principal designer also gets to take home a Samsung Galaxy S21, Smart Prepaid 5G SIM, Php 1,000 worth of Smart prepaid load, and a Smart Passion+Purpose mystery box.  

Smart continues to spread the “hallyu” love among its customers. Smart is giving fans who have missed out on the exclusive Smart+BTS Photo Cards a chance to win these limited edition photos through a raffle.    Partnering with Viu, Smart has launched the Smart Giga K-Video packs that allow subscribers to enjoy the best of Korean entertainment through the Viu Premium Experience. With 1 GB of data for K-videos daily, subscribers can watch the latest shows as quickly as eight hours after they were aired in Korea. They also enjoy unlimited downloads and access to all content on Viu without advertisements.

PH ranks 6th on Twitter gaming and esports insights for H1 2021

Cover photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

Gamers around the world come to Twitter to discuss all of the latest happenings and trends. In the Philippines, gamers definitely levelled up their voices and excitement on Twitter’s gaming scene in the first half of 2021. From the 9th place in 2020, PH now ranks up to 6th surpassing India, France, and the United Kingdom.

Filipinos sure know what are the latest and trending games, expressing their excitement and experience through Tweets. But of course, mainstay games remain in the hearts and discussion of Filipinos and around the globe.

Here are the most talked about games among Filipinos on Twitter in the first half of 2021.

A lot has happened in the esports scene, even though only half the year has passed. Filipino gamers showed their support for their favorite teams and players and connected with the source themselves on Twitter.

Here are the most talked about esports Team among Filipinos on Twitter in the first half of 2021.

Even though the year is almost halfway over, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the second half of the year. Be sure to stay tuned for even more gaming events like Gamescom & The Game Awards, along with plenty of esports content from Call of Duty League, League of Legends Esports, Overwatch League, and the VALORANT Champions Tour among others.


To celebrate this year’s World Music Day, Twitter launched the #TweetYourMusic campaign to highlight local musicians across Southeast Asia.

#TweetYourMusic features local musicians and fans that support them with a series of fun and creative activities on Twitter such as daily music trivia through Twitter Polls and live discussion and mini-concert with local musicians on Twitter Spaces

Here’s the list of Twitter Spaces sessions in the Philippines:


I’m excited to share with you that I finally have a copy of We Boom by NCT DREAM, an album I kept thinking about for months 😂

Since this was released last July 2019, it was quite difficult to look for stocks online. If there were any, it’s either expensive or the unsealed copies. The price of sealed albums can range from P900 to P1,200 for a copy sans shipping fee.

Salamat Shopee

I’m glad a K-Pop shop in Shopee joined the 6.6 sale because I was able to buy my copy (the We version) for only P800 including shipping. Here’s what happened: The item is discounted to around P990; to make the price lower, I used my Shopee coins and used free shipping and cashback vouchers. Now, the album is finally up for grabs AND within my budget.

DREAM In Suits

Anyway, the reason why I love We Boom is because it’s my fave Na Jaemin era—everything about him during this promotion is glorious, from his hair to his rapping parts in 119 😭. Also, there are 2 versions of the album (We and Boom) but I chose the We version for the exquisite and classy Nana photos.

They all look amazing in suits and there’s a lot of elegant elements even in the Boom Music video (see MV below). Moreover, this is very special for me because NCT DREAM won a Bonsang in the 34th Golden Disc Awards for WE BOOM and it is their first release to receive a Platinum certificate by KOMCA. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms of discography, but I love each songs in this mini album.

Here’s the video of me unboxing the package. I checked it out June 6 and received it right away last June 11. FAST ETA + MEGA DISCOUNTS = BEST DEAL!

The pulls

I got Renjun beret ❤️

I also got Jeno scratch card and Jisung circle card. If you’ve seen my previous Hot Sauce Photobook and Jewel case unboxing videos, you will see that Jeno and Jisung has been my constant pulls recently. The album also comes with a leaflet to certify your purchase in the Hanteo charts using the Whosfan app.

That’s all for this unboxing story. If you’re interested, you can check out We Boom on Spotify or watch the MV on YouTube.


Annyeong! I am back with an unboxing video—this time, it’s for Hot Sauce Jewel version!

ICYMI: Here’s my unboxing of the Photobook version

I bought this from an account selling on-hand jewel case albums. The albums were opened prior to delivery just to check the inclusions and for photo reference. Anyway, my bias is Na Jaemin and it’s quite difficult to secure or even reserve a slot for any Jaem-merch so I hurriedly took my chance when I saw the seller had one available.

Also, this does not come with any freebies, but that’s alright with me. It’s on-hand and bought under fast ETA so I already consider myself lucky with this purchase.

The unboxing video

I’m still a newbie in unboxing so you will see my flimsy handwork in the video. I must say, I was very cautious about not breaking the casing since it is fragile. For a moment, I also hesitated if I am yanking out the contents properly and tried my best not to break or tear anything.

See my pulls

Since I bought it already knowing what’s inside, much of my surprise and excitement is on the realization that the album is finally and literally within my reach hahaha

Jisung is my favorite next to Jaemin, so I’m happy I got his PC ❤️ Uri Jisungie, mwoya mwoya~

Nana and Jisungie

On the packaging

I think the outer foil packaging is unique. It feels like you are buying a pack of chips, but a more expensive one. It’s opening flap has a strong adhesive as well so you’d know if the package has been opened or not.

The downside to this is…I don’t think it’s enough if what’s inside is a very fragile material. Aesthetic-wise, it’s cute…but it kind of lacks on functionality. If not handled properly, the case inside might get scratches or even cracks.

Not sure if it is noticeable in the video but there’s a faint scratch on my jewel case. I inspected the flaw closely but all surfaces of the area were smooth. Not sure if this is a factory defect but there are angles wherein it is obvious. I also notified the seller about it but I did not ask for replacement or refund—I am good with it as long as everything is working, complete, and intact. 🙂

First-time to…

The purchase comes with a card with instructions on how to authenticate the album and make it counted in the Hanteo charts—which is my first time ever so I was hella confused and excited during the whole authentication process.

Another first for me is trying the SM AR app. The jewel case album comes with a PC with special AR clip and it was totally cool when I scanned my PC and then suddenly, a video of moving Jaemin popped out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed making this content. We have more albums incoming so stay tuned 😉

88Rising drops California MV

Ahead of the release of Head In The Clouds 3, 88Rising artists Rich Brian, NIKI, and the new member of the team, Warren Hue, released the music video for their newest song “California”.

The song depicts how the artists made it big in California, establishing their music careers in the famed city and the high and lows of getting and making it there.

Not to mention, the trio all came from Indonesia and the music video is also like a homage to their roots featuring local cuisine and snacks, traditional games, and the story of Asian childhood, family, and culture overseas.

The music video officially dropped May 26, the same day with their Asia Rising Together benefit online live stream concert. As of June 2, the event has raised a total of USD10,552.00 to support the Asian Mental Health Collective.

As for the Head In The Clouds 3 compilation album, full details are not disclosed yet but expect another awesome lineup for the project.

Watch the MV here

Cover photo taken from NIKI’s Twitter Header