Twitter insights reveal what are the Filipino Millennials up to

Whatever generation someone belongs to, there will always be topics and interests that they can relate and connect to on Twitter. As the place for #WhatsHappening in the world, it is where Filipinos keep track of global and local events, news, or trends.

Aside from the tech-savvy Gen Z, Millennials also gather on Twitterverse. Around 35.2% of Filipinos on Twitter are Millennials[1] and 56% of which use the app at least once a day[2]. Millennials aren’t kids anymore. The youngest in the group is 25, while the oldest is 38[3]. In a phase wherein they are “in between” being young and mature, it’s interesting what are the activities and discussions that unfold among this generation.

Here are key insights to better understand who and what are the Filipino Millennials up to.

  1. Millenials love to stay connected

As going online is still our safest bet to connect and interact, Filipino Millennials are on Twitter fulfilling various pursuits such as keeping in touch with their friends (77%), doing some work-related networking or research (44%), and finding like-minded people (32%)[4].

Going on Twitter means having a discovery mindset on seeking new connections and information about the world around them. In fact, Twitter is their go-to place to read news and score updates. Millennials on Twitter keep track of news stories (56%), content such as memes (44%), events or trends as they happen (32%)[5].

2. Millennials are expressive on Twitter

Aligned with their knack for discovery is being open about their life on Twitter. Filipino Millennials on Twitter talk about their lives such as sharing stories about their pets, shows they recently streamed, or just random thoughts (49%). Meanwhile, they also make their voice count on Twitter by being expressive on their opinions and taking a stand about the things that matters to them (44%)[6].

Their voice matters and they know that by actively expressing themselves on Twitter. With this, it’s important to acknowledge their concerns and take on topics and issues.

“As we all navigate through the toughest periods of the pandemic and help our communities towards gradual recovery, paying close attention to the needs of our consumers allows us to stay true to our long-term commitment of supporting and delighting many of our kababayans. Twitter is a space brimming with ideas and opinions from many Filipinos; we always strive to leverage this platform to create meaningful conversations that usher everyday solutions and thoughtful innovations,” says Grab Philippines Country Marketing Head Justine Anne Aruta.

3. Millennials hope for the future

Majority of people in this generation are working (59.4%)[7], so topics such as money and finances are top of mind. While it’s never too late to set financial goals, Millennials feel the pang of social pressures to achieve financial milestones at their age. 74% of them are optimistic that their finances will get better in the 6 months, and they are taking action by exploring options to grow or secure both their wealth and future by investing in life insurance (+11% on purchase) and health insurance (39%)[8]

In the same vein, Millennials on Twitter are taking charge of their health be it physically or mentally. They have a broad definition of health and 45% of them are upfront and confident talking about their mental health[9].

4. Millennials are hyper-connected

Filipino Millennials on Twitter know what they want, from hobbies down to the media they want to consume. Their hyper-connectedness and love of consuming content give rise to new formats. In particular, 76% are into music streaming, 65% likes online streaming, another 65% prefers gaming consoles, while 45% are into podcasts[10].

Because of the #StayHome period, Millennials’ engagement with streaming services is at an all-time high.

“Filipinos have fully embraced streaming as their source of entertainment and we credit this growth to the people who are enjoying the content, sharing their experiences, and encouraging everyone to join in watching the latest series and new-found favorites on Twitter. As the brand, we see a Tweet as a powerful virtual word of mouth and complement this with various Twitter products for specific campaign goals,” said Vinchi Sy-Quia, Operations Director, VIU Philippines.

Embracing the Millennial audience

With their vigor to connect, express, and share, Filipino Millennials on Twitter have the power to reshape the consumer marketplace. They have a clear picture of what they want (and vice versa) and their consumer habits evolve as norms change. However, it does not mean that this generation is elusive, all that is needed is for brands to embrace Millennial’s uniqueness.

Here are some tips on how brands can resonate to the Millennial audience:

  • Technology changes how they shop – Millennials prefer to shop online, to research before buying a product and are driven by deals such as free delivery promos.
  • Go digital – Meet their strong demand for convenience by bringing the brand within their fingertips.
  • Be creative on content – Amplify your message by using rich media content. Play around with videos or make your campaigns more interactive and engaging.
  • Allow them to be expressive – Let your Millennial audience talk to you and try to genuinely address their concerns.
  • Be real – Millennials support causes with an authentic set of values and beliefs. Connect by supporting the causes and issues they are passionate about.

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Saying goodbye to Twitter Fleets

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

After eight months since its roll out, Twitter’s ephemeral Fleets feature now bids its goodbye starting August 3.

The company announced this move in a blog post last July 14, stating that they haven’t seen an increase in the number of new people using Fleets.

The said feature was created to help people share their fleeting thoughts, in a lower-pressure way compared to declaring it out loud using Tweets.

The company also shared that they hoped Fleets would help people be more comfortable in joining conversations on Twitter, but those who are using Fleets were already Tweeting.

Meanwhile, people will still see icons of accounts holding live Spaces at the top of the timeline, where Fleets were originally placed.

Despite the lukewarm turnout, Twitter promised to continue evolving and learning to serve the publication.

For the full blog post, please click here.

PH ranks 6th on Twitter gaming and esports insights for H1 2021

Cover photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

Gamers around the world come to Twitter to discuss all of the latest happenings and trends. In the Philippines, gamers definitely levelled up their voices and excitement on Twitter’s gaming scene in the first half of 2021. From the 9th place in 2020, PH now ranks up to 6th surpassing India, France, and the United Kingdom.

Filipinos sure know what are the latest and trending games, expressing their excitement and experience through Tweets. But of course, mainstay games remain in the hearts and discussion of Filipinos and around the globe.

Here are the most talked about games among Filipinos on Twitter in the first half of 2021.

A lot has happened in the esports scene, even though only half the year has passed. Filipino gamers showed their support for their favorite teams and players and connected with the source themselves on Twitter.

Here are the most talked about esports Team among Filipinos on Twitter in the first half of 2021.

Even though the year is almost halfway over, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the second half of the year. Be sure to stay tuned for even more gaming events like Gamescom & The Game Awards, along with plenty of esports content from Call of Duty League, League of Legends Esports, Overwatch League, and the VALORANT Champions Tour among others.


To celebrate this year’s World Music Day, Twitter launched the #TweetYourMusic campaign to highlight local musicians across Southeast Asia.

#TweetYourMusic features local musicians and fans that support them with a series of fun and creative activities on Twitter such as daily music trivia through Twitter Polls and live discussion and mini-concert with local musicians on Twitter Spaces

Here’s the list of Twitter Spaces sessions in the Philippines:

Twitter Spaces, now on Android

People come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening, and in December Twitter started testing a new way to bring the conversation to life with Spaces, a place for live, host-moderated audio conversations.

Rolling out over the next few days, people with Android will now be able to join, listen, and speak in conversations over Spaces.

Joining a Space on Android is easy. Keep an eye out for the purple aura in your fleetline and tap to join. You can also join Spaces via a link shared with you (via Tweets, DMs).

People on Android can also use emoji reactions, view captions, and be invited to speak in a Space. Other updates to come include the ability to see more of who’s in your Space and naming your Space to add context for new joiners.

Celebrating #IWD2021 with #SheInspiresMe campaign on Twitter

Twitter is the place they come to converse in an authentic way and this #InternationalWomensDay, Twitter is highlighting those voices with a Southeast Asia-wide campaign, #SheInspiresMe.

Twitter’s #SheInspiresMe campaign gathered more than 40 creators across Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand) to create a personal #SheInspiresMe video Tweet from March 8-19 and share about the women that inspire them, and why. They will also tag 3 other people to encourage them to join the campaign.

In the Philippines, Twitter is engaging with Alexa Asahina (@alexaasahina), Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres), Antoinette Jadaone (@tonetjadaone), Catriona Gray (@catrionaelisa), Dr. Gia Sison (@giasison), Inka Magnaye (@inkamagnaye), Jayda Avanzado (@jaydaavanzado), Joyce Pring (@joycepring), Kat Galang (@imkatgalang), KC Concepcion (@itskcconcepcion), Kyla Alvarez (@kylaessentials), KZ Tandingan (@KZofficial), Moira Dela Torre (@moirarachelle4), Ria Atayde (@RiaAtayde), Sen. Risa Hontiveros (@risahontiveros), Sofia Pablo (@realsofiapablo), Spark! Philippines (@SPARKphils), Mitzi Jonelle Tan (@mitzijonelle) of YACA Philippines (@YACAPhilippines), and Zephanie Dimaranan (@imzephanie) who will each share a video Tweet about the women that inspire them.

Available throughout the month of March, the emoji is actuated when people Tweet with the following hashtags: #PandaigdigangArawNgKababaihan, #ArawngKababaihan, #BabaeKami, #Henerasyongpantaypantay, #InternationalWomensDay, #WomensDay, #WeAreWomen, #ActForEqual, #IWD2021, #IWD, #GenerationEquality.

Here’s how to join in Twitter’s #SheInspiresMe campaign:

  1. Create a video Tweet of up to 2:20 mins in length to share a positive story about the women who inspire you, and Tweet it out with the hashtag #SheInspiresMe.
  2. Tag 3 others to join in the campaign. Don’t forget to tag @TwitterPH.

Replay: A lookback on entertainment conversations on Twitter

People turned to online entertainment for a meaningful escape from all the stress and worries of the world—and use this as a topic to connect with people.

 In the first quarter of 2020, Twitter saw 678 million[1] entertainment-related conversations in SEA. While conversations in the Philippines about celebrities, local TV, and movies dipped last year, Tweets about shows available on OTT channels increased throughout the region in countries with 184% growth (Q3 2020 vs. Q3 2019) in the Philippines.

From #SB19 to K-drama hit #ItsOkayToNotBeOkay, fan chatter on Twitter is still at an all-time high. Here’s a lookback at what kept Filipinos glued to the edge of their seats (sofas) in the most extraordinary of years.

When the big screen went black

Although entertainment was enjoyed rather differently last year, what stayed the same was how Filipinos continued to discuss and bond over plenty of films. With its historic win at the Oscars in 2020 , hit Korean masterpiece #Parasite generated major buzz among Asians, with people joining in the celebrations online and cinema operators re-screening the movie. 

Back to the small screen

Teleserye tapings proved to be difficult in 2020, but noontime shows tried their best to resume as soon as possible to bring delight and entertainment for people who are stuck at home. ASAP Natin ‘To (@ASAPOFFICIAL), an all-star Sunday noontime, was a staple conversation driver among Filipinos, as their favorite artists perform song and dance numbers in the show. On the other hand, the Philippine adaptation of K-drama Descendants of the Sun also trended on Twitter as they shared their sentiments seeing their fave K-drama with a relatable local spin.

The stars in their eyes

Since we #StayHome, fans weren’t able to meet their fave celebrities face-to-face. Tweeting therefore became their way to show support for their idols. For example, #MayWard fans are actively in the loop about Edward Barber (@Barber_Edward_) and Maymay Entrata’s (@maymayentrata07) projects; they use hashtag parties and other fan group initiatives to make sure their efforts are amplified.

We all know by now how powerful SB19 (@SB19Official) and A’TIN can be as they ruled most of the charts in 2020. The P-Pop group released their first album last year and landed on many endorsements and achievements. All of these are made possible by A’TIN who are passionate in supporting their favorite group.

Streaming the night away

Over-the-top (OTT) streaming services like Netflix (@Netflix_PH), iWant (@iwanttfc), and iflix (@iflixph) provided Filipinos with endless options in 2020, setting Twitter alight with a flurry of Tweets across various genres. Twitter recorded a notable 184% spike in related conversations in Q3 2020 as compared to the same period the previous year in the Philippines.

Filipinos were treated with diverse choices, but of course, Korean dramas maintained their title as the indisputable attention winners of 2020 – including time-travelling royals in #TheKingEternalMonarch and forbidden love in Crash Landing On You (#CLOY).  

2020 was a year of unexpected and unprecedented change in the entertainment landscape but, Twitter continued to play its part in keeping conversations thriving,” said Carl Cheng, Head of Entertainment Partnerships, SEA and Greater China. “Even as parts of the world look towards recovery and easing of lockdown measures, entertainment will certainly remain a key part of our lives. As this year promises new reality TV, local dramas, award-winning films and more in 2021, Twitter is excited to see where the next big escape will take us.”

[1] Source: Twitter Internal Data | Q1 2020

Starting 2021 with Twitter’s #NewYearNewList

Each new year brings a glimmer of hope for things to be better; a fresh start to rethink and focus on our interest such as fitness, a new business, or a new skill.

Last January 13 to 15, Twitter brought together creators across Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand) to bring inspiration among people on Twitter. The #NewYearNewList campaign encouraged musicians Keiko Necesario-Cubil, Coeli; artist Cyrill Acuna; and gamers Alexa Asahina and Een Mercado to create their own Twitter List featuring the accounts that inspire them and share their resolutions for the year.

They also did Q&A on Twitter to interact with their followers and to answer questions about their resolutions, goals, current activities, and anything under the sun.

Check this Twitter Moments to see the compilation of #NewYearNewList among creators and people on Twitter. If you still haven’t made your new year’s resolutions, it’s never too late. Start jotting down on paper or Tweeting your List along with the hashtag #NewYearNewList!