Starting 2021 with Twitter’s #NewYearNewList

Each new year brings a glimmer of hope for things to be better; a fresh start to rethink and focus on our interest such as fitness, a new business, or a new skill.

Last January 13 to 15, Twitter brought together creators across Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand) to bring inspiration among people on Twitter. The #NewYearNewList campaign encouraged musicians Keiko Necesario-Cubil, Coeli; artist Cyrill Acuna; and gamers Alexa Asahina and Een Mercado to create their own Twitter List featuring the accounts that inspire them and share their resolutions for the year.

They also did Q&A on Twitter to interact with their followers and to answer questions about their resolutions, goals, current activities, and anything under the sun.

Check this Twitter Moments to see the compilation of #NewYearNewList among creators and people on Twitter. If you still haven’t made your new year’s resolutions, it’s never too late. Start jotting down on paper or Tweeting your List along with the hashtag #NewYearNewList!


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